Our Papillons

Papillons are seen in paintings from the 16th century.

Portia and her puppies.
Portia and her Papillon puppies.

Papillons are generally athletic, smart and eager to please. These beautiful, dainty dogs with lots of body hair preferably have long fringing in their ears. Papillon is the French word for butterfly. The Papillon with a white stripe on its face, and big ears looks like a butterfly. Here is a good example of the butterfly look on one of our Papillons. We feed our dogs almost entirely what is grown or raised here on our farm. We are vaccine free and as natural as possible. We are not stuck on the idea that an AKC registered dog is necessarily the best dog. Long before AKC was founded, there were many beautiful dogs with excellent conformation. We appreciate the APRI registry, and most of our puppies are registered with them. American Pet Registry Inc., has its own shows and agility classes. We also like to supply a picture pedigree with the puppies. Pedigree is important, but which person or club that records the pedigree is not so very important. The pedigree of the dog determines the genetics and inherited traits.



Papillons in a canoe in the evening.
Papillons enjoying an evening on the water in southern Alabama.
Nifty watching a puppy doing the Rutledge Alabama Papillon Fling!